How To Make Money On Ethereum


Remember the events of the Internet bubble.

Make Money On Ethereum It was the time when a lot of .com businesses had generated hundreds of million dollars; however, in the end, it was the only company that used Internet technology. These were Amazon, Google, Netflix. , PayPal. The value of these large-money corporations currently ranges from tens of billions of dollars to hundreds of trillions. The wealth they’ve generated is far greater than the sum of capital lost by the bubble firms.

Thus the flurry and bustle of the financial circle can’t be slowed down at all. The things that could be settled on the blockchain should be the ideas and applications that aren’t part of the media’s scope and are not yet apparent. In time they will grow into the future giants of thousands of millions similar to Toutiao, Meituan, Didi, Uber, and Airbnb created in the mobile-first age.

In addition, we will discuss DApps based on blockchain technology specifically. How will the method they earn money alter? How will the code use to create money be different? Georgios Konstantopoulos gave a good analysis of Medium. But, his analysis was based on the method to make money using mobile apps.


In simplest terms, advertisers pay technology and content companies (developers) to develop and display advertisements. Consumers (whether they are convinced or believe it or not) get influenced by ads and, in turn, consume the advertisement.

Freemium Services

App Store’s previous App Versions will soon be split into three versions: ‘Lite as well as a ‘Regular’ and the ‘Pro version. As a result, the users will be able to test the services provided by the app first, and if they are satisfied, they can purchase the complete version of the app.

Freemium is a business model which is commonplace in Internet services, where service providers provide basic features free of charge but demand the payment of a fee for more advanced functions or features.

Businesses like Spotify, Slack, or Onedrive have all adopted this model and earned revenue from paying for subscriptions.

Game applications that let you buy items using real money are free models.

 Make Money On Ethereum The free-to-play MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing) games benefit from the known as the “free limit.” For example, the highest amount of players free on World of Warcraft can only be increased to 20. Other aspects of the game can be restricted to free players. The most valuable content in this kind of game is only available to “paying player” gamers.

 Make Money On Ethereum Stones from other hills can learn. After seeing how you can make money using traditional applications, I think you have some thoughts about how you can earn money from DApps. But, first, let’s look at what strategies are currently available.

Disclaimer: The examples given below have been simplified to demonstrate practical implementation. We had certain assumptions about the business process at the time of the development process. We did not implement any security measures that were strict when making a set of smart contracts. Before you commit your code into production, make sure you always conduct a thorough security check!

1.Create a Crowdsale to issue tokens

(Annotation: Crowdsale, crowdfunding directly to users or friends via the Ethereum blockchain (No third-party platform needed)

In this scenario, it is necessary to determine the requirements for tokens (note in parentheses specific cryptocurrency that is available):

  1. The main functions of DApp
  2. Access to your network
  3. Divide product profits among token holders of tokens.

In this instance, you should be mindful of the rules and KYC regulations (financial institution rules for real names on accounts) according to the token’s status as an investment token or not.

2.Set several transaction costs

 Make Money On Ethereum Cryptokitties charges a 3.75 percentage fee for each auction’s close. It proved to be an extremely profitable revenue model.

This week, the volume of transactions of CK hit a record high of 800 ETH in one day. Source:

A more generalized example is:

A makes use of your service to purchase items from B.

Y% of the money is paid towards the provider (you)

The remainder (100-Y) funds are transferred to the B account.

There’s one thing you need you should be aware of. Suppose you are charging your largest downstream customers “unfairly” for your service. In that case, somebody may steal the intelligent contract you have created and publish their version at a lower cost or even no cost (because the contract you have created is authentic and open-source) code (often required of Ethereum-based DApps).

The right price to cost is crucial. However, we will not discuss the pricing structure in this article.

How To Make Money On Ethereum

Cost for advanced features

In a similar fashion to the freemium model discussed earlier, we could monetize by charging premium features. Now let’s take a game built in CryptoZombies ( as an example:

Let’s say that your CryptoZombie has to win 10 times to reach a higher level, and the game becomes more difficult as you advance.

The upgrade from level 10 to 11 is more complex than moving from level 1 to 2. The user will need to put in more time to increase the number of zombies in their army.

In this case, you can create an option that permits players to “skip” this problematic stage and immediately upgrade with no hassle. However, the player must pay a specific amount of the cryptocurrency as an additional cost.

So, free players can still enjoy themselves. However, players willing to pay for their tickets can quickly bypass the stage.

The reset of cooldowns for zombies could be created in the same manner. Zombies typically have the cooldown to fight back. However, we could design an option that permits users to bypass the cooldown in exchange for a modest cost.

There are many options to make money from DApps.

How To Make Money On Ethereum


You can also add the functions of membership or subscription to your contract to ensure that premium members or subscribers can only use certain functions.

Two ways subscriptions last:

Time-based: Allow users to use a feature for an elapsed time, like the month.

Utilization-based: Provide a feature to users for a specific amount of times.

  1. Advertising

When we think about ads for the DApp as a whole, this method isn’t very well-known nowadays. However, ThousandEtherHomepage ( ) does just that. It is possible to declare multiple array positions within the contract that determines where the pixels at one side of the DApp display. In the picture in the image below, the project may utilize these pixels to create branding purposes.

How To Make Money On Ethereum

Accept the donation

If one of these is too tricky, You can always add your cryptocurrency account to your DApp or service and let the generous users directly contribute to your account.

You can also add an eth-button to your site to enable Metamask integration.

First, you must withdraw the funds.

To earn money to make money, a DApp first requires an option that allows money to be transferred into the owner’s account. You can think of it like this:

This function can transfer the costs of calling the transaction to the owner’s email address (using the well-known one-owner pattern). If you’re not sure how these keywords function, you might want to study (Editor’s note: CryptoZombie is an interactive tutorial that lets you learn the intelligent protocol language while editing games. Currency circle is a very well-known).

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