Where To Store Ethereum Classic

Store Ethereum Classic

Store Ethereum Classic Ethereum Classic began as a hard fork of Ethereum blockchain. It was created as a hard fork of the Ethereum blockchain. Similar to Ethereum, the Classic blockchain also includes an indigenous token known as Ether and has the ETC ticker. Learn more information about ETC here.
It’s currently among the top 20 cryptocurrency that is worth considering. Although it might not offer the storage options of its ETH counterpart, it does have many wallets on the market. Here is our list of the top ETC wallets that you can use to keep Ethereum Classic.

Ledger Nano S.

The Ledger Nano S is one of the most well-known hardware wallets since it offers the most secure security for storing Ethereum Classic. The wallet can be connected to any device that has a USB port. It can also support numerous cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, along with Ethereum Classic.
The USB-like device comes with an OLED display and allows you to confirm the transaction’s details by pressing an icon.
Security ensures that security makes Ledger one of the top Ethereum Classic wallets. Backup torrents Two-factor verification, secure PIN are just a few of the features that make this wallet extremely safe.


Store Ethereum Classic TREZOR is another wallet on the hardware with impressive security features and the ability to work with various currencies. The device is not as sleek as a USB; however, it’s also small and portable. It also has an integrated screen and physical buttons to confirm transactions.
In addition to ETC as a wallet, you can save Ethereum, Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH), and many others. To gain access to the device, you will need to input the PIN and generate a uni-word recovery seed the first time you access the wallet. As a result, the Ethereum Classic is among the safest and most secure storage options available.
Applications installed on the wallet include TREZOR Wallet, Mycelium, and Multibit HD.
This wallet works with Windows (version 7.7 and up), OS X (version 10.8 and up), Linux, and Android devices.


Coinomi The Wallet app is a renowned mobile wallet that lets users store a variety of cryptocurrencies all in one location. The application can be used with Ethereum Classic and Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and another 200 tokens. A desktop version of the app has also been launched.
Coinomi is a cryptocurrency wallet HD wallet that employs an algorithm that generates an easy seed phrase so that you can back up your account. HD wallets can also generate new addresses with each transaction, making it difficult to trace the sequence of transactions that go at an individual address. Coinomi’s servers are also able to anonymize IP addresses.
The registration process is not required and does not require any data. In addition, the Shapeshift integration lets users transact cross-chain transactions and transfer coins to addresses outside the wallet.
Where To Store Ethereum Classic

Easy to use User-friendly

Store Ethereum Classic Trust Wallet is an easy and user-friendly mobile wallet. It is an ETC cryptocurrency wallet that can be used with Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, and Ethereum based on ERC20 tokens and ERC223 tokens. The drawback is that it does not accept Bitcoin. However, it works for Android as well as iOS devices.
Alongside Ethereum Classic (ETC), You can also use Callisto (CLO) and more than 300.000 ERC20 tokens, including OmiseGO, Qtum, Kyber Network, EOS, BAT, TenXPay, and Augur.
There is no registration or personal data is need. The wallet allows Android users to purchase ETH using Coinbase, Shapeshift, or Changelly.
The interactions with dApps can be made directly from the application. The wallet can be utiliz as a Web3 browser. A backup seed is create at setup, allowing users to recover their wallets in 30 minutes.
Source: captainaltcoin.com
The Exodus of Ethereum Classic
Type of Wallet: Desktop Wallet, Multi-currency compatible With Windows, Mac OS, and Linux

User-friendliness Simple interface

Store Ethereum Classic Exodus is an ETC-based cryptocurrency wallet that works on desktops to support ETC Storage and Management. In addition, it supports around 30 different altcoins and tokens, which include Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, and EOS.
Exodus is among the top ETC wallets for traders seeking a user-friendly interface with well-designed features and charting tools. The wallet also has ShapeShift integration, allowing trading the cryptocurrency inside the wallet.
All crypto assets are secure and are store on your mobile device, meaning you have control over the funds. Backup systems are available, and being able to seed your account, an email containing the secure hyperlink will be send as an email to a wallet. The link is secure by a 12-word seed as well as a key.

Where To Store Ethereum Classic

Wallet Type: Multi-Currency, Multi-Platform

Store Ethereum Classic Guarda is a crypto wallet accessible through the desktop, mobile, and online applications that run on important operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, macOS, Chrome extension). The Ethereum Classic wallet is also compatible with the following tokens and coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum (and ERC20 tokens), Zcash, Ripple, DASH, EOS, Monero, and more. Its stability and compatibility with platforms make it among the Ethereum Classic wallets for versatile traders.
The main benefit of Guarda’s security feature is Guarda doesn’t record any sensitive personal data, either private keys or the data of your wallet. Private keys are store within the memory of your device. It disappears automatically after you exit the wallet.
Users can transfer and receive currency, utilize the built-in exchange feature, view the history of transactions, buy using fiat currencies, and export and import private keys. Backup functions are include as well.
No registration, restrictions, or complex verification procedures are need. The user interface is simple to use across every platform and feature.


Although there aren’t many wallets that can support Ethereum Classic compared to Ethereum, you’ll find many choices. Based on the needs of your trade and security measures, system compatibility, and the usability of interfaces, There are a variety of ETC accounts that work suitable to store this currency.
In the following phase in the technological revolution, the digital currency was born and is believe in the eyes of many as being the most significant technology since the invention of the web. It is the first time it is possible to send value worldwide in a secure and secure method at the same rate as information.

Where To Store Ethereum Classic

Digital currencies

However, digital currencies are much more than just a payment instrument that offers an alternative to the political, economic, and social systems controlled by a handful of large institutions. With millions of nodes within an international network of nodes, Digital currencies are helping to democratize the exchange of information and value in amazing innovative ways. We believe there will be myriad different digital currencies in the coming years, each with distinctive strengths and disadvantages. The digital currency will have an important function in driving economic development and diversifying investment portfolios in the modern age.

Digital world

Based on this view, Our team is becoming worried about the potential for investment for Ethereum Classic and its related digital token, ETC. Ethereum Classic is the next-generation blockchain platform designe.
To create a new kind of internet infrastructure that can significantly improve the way data and value are share in the digital world.  Generate billions in economic surplus that is not being utilize.

Moreover, with an agile and flexible smart contract programming system powered by ETC. We think it is likely that Ethereum Classic may one day serve as the foundation for a secure.

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